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Genie is home to

the best creative minds.

Minds united by the desire to create their best work but in a way that works for them.

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If you want something done,

give it to somebody busy.

We know the very best talent are always busy. But we also know you’ll make yourself available for something special.

Special briefs for special talent
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The most diverse

client list in town.

Our clients range from the world’s best agencies to established clients and exciting start ups. They are united by a desire to access the best talent in a new, smarter, way.

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    “The beauty of Genie is the speed at which we have direct access to best in class talent who could be sat anywhere in the world. We were blown away with the quality of thinking and speed of concept development.”

    David Newton

    Philips, Global Consumer Creation & Strategy Lead

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    “Genie is like your little creative sidekick. Always there, always willing to help.”

    Natalie Gordon

    Creative Director, IPA Women of Tomorrow 2018

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    “Genie is really smart. Really fast. Find’s amazingly talented people who want to work with you. And the more you use her, the smarter she gets.”

    James Woods

    ECD, Edelman

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    “We want to create work with impact, but we want to do that working with genuinely great people. The Genie app has played a big part in us finding not only those briefs, but the great people and agencies behind them.”


    Senior creative team, D&AD mentor & winner

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    “MeetGenie reacts quickly to our briefs and she delivers high quality talent. For an AI, they’re nice people to work with :-).”

    Jon Biggs

    ECD, MediaMonks

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    “Genie is my all time favourite job finder - quick, specific, forward-thinking and super smart.”

    Helena Hamilton

    Senior Content Creative, Writer and Director

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    “Genie is the tool for the future, she is a platform for growth for agencies and I couldn’t be more excited for our industry.”

    Magnus Djaba

    Global Chief Client Officer, Publicis Groupe

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    “I like the real-time updates, and an instantaneous feed to briefs. All you have to do is say 'Yay' or 'Nay'. No awkward conversations over the phone or email.”

    Kevin Stark

    Creative Director - D&AD, Cannes, British Arrows.

  • Genie Testimonials Black Icon

    “Genie proved to be a rescue multiple times over the past year by presenting talented freelancers within hours who matched our brief.”

    Viviane Webbers

    Operations Director, Virtue Europe

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    “Partnering with Genie has been the best move I’ve made in a long while. You soon forget she’s artificial intelligence. You just know Genie has your back. Through clever interaction and notifications at just the right moment, she takes care of all the chores, the nitty gritty of freelance. I’ve never felt so flexible.”

    Stu Hallybone

    Creative Director

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    “I’m really excited by Genie. Finding world class talent, in an agile, efficient way, is going to make a huge difference to the way we work.”

    Bill Scott

    CEO, Droga5 London

  • Genie gets it.

    Genie gets you.

    Genie knows creative minds are complex. She knows what makes you tick and what work will make you shine.

    Ready for the future?
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    How does

    Genie's magic work?

    See how it all works

    Your always on talent agent.

    Genie is like the terminator, but YOUR terminator. She’s got your back working for you 24/7.

    Perfect real time matching.

    Her algorithm selects a small team of talent to put forward for each brief. Giving you great odds of landing a great gig.

    Hidden profiles.

    You're not on display. Genie works behind the scenes to find the perfect match.

    No ghosting.

    Real feedback even if you don’t get the brief this time.

    Fast payment.

    Genie is the best at sorting out all the money admin. So you can get back to doing what you do best too. Assuming that’s not money admin.

    A tree for every brief.

    Every day you work, we plant a tree to help offset your carbon footprint. Maybe you’ll have your own forest soon.

    Who should

    join Genie?

    Free range creative thinkers.

    Across Creative, Design, Strategy, Business, Production, & Social. We look for the curious, the ones who want to do things differently. We don’t care where you come from or what you look like. We know your talent is a gift, we figure out how to let that talent shine.

    Those who want others to shine too.

    The creative industry needs more diversity. With so much of the best talent on GENIE we believe we have the power (and responsibility) to help make that happen. We believe starting young is the answer so each year we run ‘School Of’, a programme where our talent take students under their wing to work on briefs, open their eyes and feed their imagination. Last year we partnered with Droga 5, Tik Tok and St Thomas school in Peckham.
    Creativity is a muscle that needs to be flexed. Would you like to help the next generation flex theirs? We hope so.

    Start something special


    How do I join?

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    We're currently open to talent from creative, design, business, strategy, social and production. We take the best, we have a great feeling about you.

    There are 3 ways to join: