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Invoice Statuses

Below is a description of all the possible statuses for your invoices on Genie:


Draft: Invoices that are yet to be submitted to clients for review. You can freely update these invoices at any time. When ready, you can then submit them to clients for review or cancel them if no longer needed.


Submitted: These are invoices that have been submitted to the client for review.


Awaiting Payment: Once a client has approved your invoice, it will now be awaiting payment.


Disputed: If a client has a query related to the details of an invoice, they can open a dispute. A member of our team will reach out to you directly, in these cases.


Cancelled: Once an invoice has been cancelled, there is no further action to be taken. The client will be informed and no payment will be made.


Paid: Once an invoice has been paid it will have the status of paid.


Overdue: If an invoice has not been paid by the client within 30 days it will be considered overdue.