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How To: Create an invoice (step-by-step)

Below is a video tutorial on how to create your invoice. There is also a written step-by-step guide:



1. Open the Genie app

2. Head to your profile area and open the My Invoices menu

3. Click the Create Invoice button to begin

4. Select the related booking from the list provided that  you will be creating your invoice for

5. Add the relevant details to each line item, such as the Description, Unit, Amount, Qty, Start Date/End Date. The total amount will be calculated automatically.

6. If you wish to add VAT to your invoice, select the relevant VAT toggle. Note: In order to add VAT to your invoice, you will be required to add your limited company details to the Getting Paid section of your profile.

7. Once you have completed your invoice, confirm the details are an accurate representation of the work completed by clicking the related toggle. 

8. You can now choose to submit your invoice directly to the client for review, or save the invoice as a draft where it can be saved and edited at a later point.  


– Once submitted, the invoice will be sent to the client to review, and once approved, you will be notified

– You can keep track of all of your invoices and their status from the My Invoices section on your profile.