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How matching works

Genie’s matching process is our secret sauce.

Without revealing too much we can share that it’s matching is based on 3 key components:

  • The first component focuses on the superpowers that Genie works with. Depending on what superpowers have been requested (and in what order they are requested), Genie will look for that combination in it’s database.
  • The second component uses AI to help it know what to do when either someone turns down a brief and tells Genie why that brief wasn’t right for them, or when someone is repeatedly booked or repeatedly misses out on briefs.
  • The final component uses Machine Learning to help it discover patterns and insights that human recruiters just don’t have the capacity (or time) to calculate themselves.

Genie also allows it’s clients to add freelancers they have in their ‘My Talent Network’ to a brief.