FAQs - Meet Genie
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1. Can I create invoices for all of my bookings on Genie?

No, you will only be able to create invoices for day rate bookings that are Outside IR35, Inside IR35 or Exempt.


2. Can I invoice for Umbrella Briefs on Genie?

No, we will soon be adding the functionality to accommodate for this brief type, but for now we will continue to handle these bookings manually.


3. Can I create my invoice for future bookings?

No. You can only invoice for the days you have worked.


4. I’m part of a team, can we submit one invoice together?

No, both members of a team must create their invoice separately.


5. My invoice has been disputed, what do I do next?

Once an invoice has been disputed, a member of our support team will reach out to you, to guide you through this process.


6. When will I get paid?

Invoices are paid within 30 days after the client has approved the invoice. This can be earlier than 30 days if we receive early payment from the client.


7. My invoice is overdue, what do I do?

We will contact the client when your invoice is overdue. 


8. I’m trying to create my invoice, but I have no bookings available?

You can only create invoices for bookings that have ended in the last 30 days. They must also be from bookings that are Outside IR35 or Exempt from IR35.


9. My booking finished over 30 days ago but I never created my invoice?

Please contact our support team invoices@meetgenie.co directly and we will assist you in creating your invoice. 


10. I can’t add VAT to my invoices?

You must have your private limited company details saved to your profile in order to add VAT. These can be entered on the Getting Paid section of your profile.


11. There is a mistake with my invoice and I can’t edit it?

Once an invoice has been approved by the client, you will no longer be able to edit it. Please reach out to our support team invoices@meetgenie.co and we will guide you through the next steps.


12. I usually create my invoices using a different system, can I continue to use this and just submit a copy on Genie?

No, you will always need to create your invoices on Genie for any of your bookings through the platform, provided they are for Outside IR35 and Exempt briefs. You will be able to attach additional files when creating your invoice on Genie for your own record-keeping purposes.


13. How do I add my banking details to Genie?

To add your banking details, click into the My Invoices section on your profile tab, and then enter your details in the Banking information section.