FAQs - Meet Genie
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1. Will I need to approve the invoices for all of my bookings on Genie?

No, only invoices for bookings that are Outside IR35, Inside IR35 or Exempt bookings.


2. How will I receive an invoice for Umbrella Briefs?

We will soon be adding the functionality to accommodate this brief type on Genie, but for now we will continue to handle these bookings manually.


3. Can talent create an invoice for future bookings?

No, they can only invoice for the days they have worked with you already.


4. I have disputed an invoice, what do I do next?

Once an invoice has been disputed, a member of our support team will reach out to guide you on the next steps


5. When are invoices due to be paid?

  Invoices are due to be paid within 30 days, unless agreed otherwise. 


6. A booking finished over 30 days ago, but I did not receive a related invoice?

 Please contact our support team invoices@meetgenie.co directly and we will assist you.


7. There is an error with an invoice I have already approved, but not paid. What should I do?

 Once an invoice has been approved, it can no longer be edited. Please reach out to invoices@meetgenie.co and we will guide you through the next steps.


8. How do I add a PO number?

You will have the ability to add PO numbers to invoices when you are approving them. You can turn on or off the ability to add PO numbers to your invoices on the Invoice Settings section on your Company Profile 


9. How do I assign or unassign Invoicing Managers?

 All roles can be assigned and amended on the User Management section of your Company Profile.


10. Can I include an additional email address to receive any invoicing communications? i.e Our accounts department

Yes, you can add multiple additional email addresses that will receive any invoicing communications on the Invoice Settings section on your company profile.


11. My invoice was marked as approved, but I didn’t approve it. Why?

If you do not require a PO number for your invoices, they will be auto-approved within 3  working days. If you do not want any invoices to be auto-approved please reach out to our support team, invoices@meetgenie.co