FAQs - Meet Genie
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What is a Talent Network?:

  • A talent network is a client’s list of people they prefer to work with on a regular basis.
  • A client can view the talent’s profile and send them briefs directly without having to go to a wider market when they need extra help on projects. 
  • Talent Networks are only available to talent open for freelance briefs. 


How do you get onto a client’s Talent Network?:

  • Clients can either invite talent they already know to be on their network by sending them a unique invitation link, or they can add talent who have responded positively to one of their briefs.
  • Genie will also introduce key talent to clients if the algorithm shows them to be a good match. 


How will you know if you have been added to a client’s Talent Network?:

  • Genie will send you a message to notify you if you have or have not been added to a client’s Talent Network.
  • Clients may do this over time, so pls note there may be some waiting time after being introduced. 


Benefits to being in a client’s Talent Network:

  • Your name will be in the client company’s ‘black book’ of preferred flexible talent
  • This black book stays with the company even if a resource person moves on, so you will always be connected to that company
  • You can be approached directly with briefs from the client before the client goes to the wider market
  • You and your work will never be forgotten as clients can always remind themselves of it
  • When you next become available clients have a head start to send you briefs