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  • John Hegarty leads Genie campaign exploring creative minds.

    John Hegarty leads Genie campaign exploring creative minds.

    Sir John Hegarty has worked his magic for Genie, the first artificial intelligence (AI) talent agent for the creative industry, with the launch of a new campaign celebrating the infinite potential of the mind.

    Serving as executive creative director, Hegarty has delivered the biggest ad campaign to date for the technology firm, where he also serves as chairman, amid fears that office politics are stymieing creativity – particularly among gen Z creatives.

    Creative Mind addresses this issue head-on by scattering a string of visual illusions around London, showing everyday items from a different perspective, splitting their interpretation between a literal and subjective layer.

    Intended to show how the creative mind perceives the world differently from lesser mortals, the work seeks to open the eyes of freelance creatives and hiring companies to better connect talent to where it is needed most.

    Hegarty said: “I have constantly said that creativity isn’t an occupation, it’s a preoccupation. The creative mind is working all the time – it never stops seeing, listening and finding out. This campaign captures exactly that. It highlights the way creatives look at things differently – and having Genie talent behind the campaign makes it even more special.”

    Nicky Badenoch, co-founder at Genie, added: “‘What makes a creative mind’ is an endeavor that will always be infinite for us here at Genie, because just as you think you’ve cracked it, someone else comes along and sees the world differently.”

    Genie differentiates itself in the competitive talent agent sector by marrying the latest technology with an understanding of what makes creatives tick to match hiring companies with potential employees, removing all the legwork in the process.

    This article was originally published in The Drum on JULY 6, 2022