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  • Genie Testimonials Red Iconn

    “Genie is the tool for the future, she is a platform for growth for agencies and I couldn’t be more excited for our industry.”

    Magnus Djaba

    Global President, Saatchi and Saatchi

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    “Genie is like your little creative sidekick. Always there and willing to help. Even better is that she learns - learns what you like and what you don't and even if you keep telling her that you are busy, she keeps coming back for more.”

    Nathalie Gordon

    Creative Director, IPA Women of Tomorrow 2018

  • Genie Testimonials Black Icon

    “Really impressed with the system you’ve developed - that was very fast and effective whilst still being so personal.”

    Shoshana Stewart

    From Rory for London Mayor Election Campaign Team

  • Genie Testimonials Red Icon

    “For a creative, it makes the whole process twice as fast and half as complex.”

    Psembi Kinstan

    Creative Director, Bafta, Cannes Lion

  • Genie Testimonials Black Icon

    “For an industry that prides itself on innovation, Genie brings intelligence, efficiency and a thoughtful approach to talent that the industry so desperately needs.”

    Katrien de Bauw

    Global President, TBWA\Media Arts Lab

  • Genie Testimonials Red Icon

    “I’m really excited by Genie. Finding world class talent, in an agile, efficient way, is going to make a huge difference to the way we work.”

    Bill Scott

    CEO, Droga5 London

  • Genie Testimonials Black Icon

    “I love Genie. She's like a concerned relative constantly sending me job opportunities to make sure I'm ok. Except they're all fantastic briefs I'd jump at if I was available.”

    Richard Beer

    Creative Director, Cannes Lions, Lovie Awards, Webbies, D&AD

  • Genie Testimonials Black Icon

    “Love the platform guys. Super intuitive, and unbelievably responsive. You’re definitely onto something here.”

    Dylan Davenport

    MD, The Wild at Jungle Creations

  • Genie Testimonials Black Icon

    “Genie is my all time favourite job finder - quick, specific, forward-thinking and super smart.”

    Helena Hamilton

    Senior Content Creative, Writer and Director

  • Genie Testimonials Red Icon

    “Genie is leaps and bounds ahead of it’s time. Not only is it tailored and seamless - I’ve also had more work out of her than any other contact. Plus, all my friends rave about Genie.”

    Mark Campion

    Creative Director, Cannes Lions, Media Week Awards

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    Our Talent

    Simply The Best

    GENIE only works with the cream of freelance copywriters, designers, art directors, strategists, and business leaders (and we have just opened our doors to production and social media talent). We invite everyone to apply.

    My humans (yes, they’re still good at some things) spend time digging into your work and what makes you special beyond your work. We’re always scouting ourselves but the quickest way to get on GENIE is:

    A VIP invite from a client who wants to work with you directly
    A recommendation from existing GENIE talent
    Or apply directly below

    Our aim is simple, represent and find work for creative superstars.

    Is that you? I think it could be….

    Click to Apply

    How Genie Works?

    The Magic


    GENIE is powered by a proprietary machine learning matching algorithm. Combined with live conversation she is able to create accurate talent and client profiles in seconds. Taking in live data and interactions the profiles also evolve leading to precision matching every time.


    GENIE goes deep. Sure she knows your work inside out but she understands your superpowers too. Through chat and tapping into cultural trends she creates a more alive profile. A profile with flavour.


    Genie has her own superpower too: data from every conversation and interaction. Very soon GENIE will deliver live market insights based on this data to both clients and talent.


    GENIE automates the paperwork too. She sorts out IR35, any umbrella company bookings and paying talent on time. Meaning you can just concentrate on doing fab work.

    Where do I sign? That's the spirit. Clients click here. Talent click here.

    We’ll get started straight away.